I help you find the courage and clarity to live life on your terms.

If you’re an over-giving high achiever who feels trapped doing all the things you think you have to do, let’s talk.

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Are you sick of feeling like you’re spending all your time and energy on everyone else?

You’ve tried 'sucking it up, buttercup', and you’ve done everything 'right', but you know deep down there’s still something...more.

Now you’re feeling a little stuck, like you’re lacking the clarity you need to move forward powerfully, like you’re not making the progress you want to see, and like you could use a dose of courage to help you make some of the changes you sense need to happen.

Hey friend, I’m Nicole… and I get it! That was me until I got serious about getting the clarity and courage I needed to make my own changes so I could live life on my own terms.

With 1:1 coaching, you can gain both the clarity you need and the courage you want to transform your life into one that feels so damn good.


'Nicole possesses a magnetism that I can't resist'

She draws on her own personal experiences–real, sometimes messy experiences–to make you feel at ease and comfortable sharing your own challenges and short-comings. Then the growing can begin!

Megan Dyson, Surprise, AZ

'Nicole left me feeling uplifted and motivated instead of raw or sensitive'

I was allowing fear to stifle my fierceness. By the end of each meeting with Nicole, I was armed with a plan of action. We identified small steps that I was comfortable following through with and actually became excited about!

Cassie Stephens, Houston, TX

Here's how we can work together:

Want to find out if Coaching is for you? I offer a free 20-minute chat to hear what you’re struggling with and see if working together is a great fit.

This is where empowerment meets possibility. Think of me as your action-oriented, one-woman support squad: we’ll identify goals and actionable plans to achieve them, and I promise we’ll have a lot of fun along the way!

I provide a confidential and supportive sounding board while we deep dive into your leadership approach and career goals. I help you challenge your own assumptions and achieve your development objectives so you can build the work life you want most.

Sometimes our most potent messages come while we’re sleeping. If you’re having dreams you want some help decoding, I’m trained in a specific methodology to help you learn the most from those nighttime messages.

As a seasoned public servant, I’m uniquely positioned to understand the complexities of municipal strategy and execution. My consulting focuses on a wide variety of tactics, tools, and trainings to help you achieve real progress and change.

Frequently requested as a speaker and workshop facilitator for national and international audiences, I love delivering high-value content and providing transformative messages!

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Tips, tricks, and how-to’s to jumpstart your courageous transformation and maintain your momentum.

'Nicole’s coaching program was precisely what I needed to recharge and find direction.'

Nicole will challenge you to re-frame your perspective and put in the work to get where you want to go.
Group coaching participant, TN

'Nicole Helped me realize I have the choice to do what I want with my time without apology!'

Nicole, thank you for helping me realize my time is valuable and I have the choice to do what I want with my time without apology.

Edith Baltierrez, Phoenix, AZ

free: 5 Steps to finding clarity worksheet