you're spending your time dealing with dysfunction, not leaving your legacy.

You’re ready for more. More for your organization and more for you. You think your team members aren’t committed enough, but the real problem is they’re not connected enough. And while you might think you’re not prepared, the truth is you’re not being recognized. I’m here to help.

If this sounds like you, you're in the right place:

'I wish Nicole was an app I could fire up for 10 minutes every day to adjust my attitude and be more powerful!'

Workshop participant

'My journey with Nicole was, in a word, magical!!'

My journey with Nicole was, in a word, magical!! She provided a safe, welcoming container for my work, and I came away with such powerful takeaways & insights.

Claire Takahashi, Washington State, Life Coach

Hey, I’m Nicole!

I know what it’s like to realize baseline just won’t cut it anymore. You’re ready for better.

I’ve reformed dysfunction, doused the dumpster fires, and took control over my own courageous transformation. I remember what it’s like to be frustrated and feeling like I was giving my energy to everything but leaving the legacy I really wanted.

After chasing what I thought was my dream for a decade and a half, I found myself sitting in a-n-o-t-h-e-r meeting, trying to look interested, wondering what the hell I was doing there, when the hell I could get out of there, and how the hell I ended up there in the first place.

Unease bloomed inside me into fear and burst wide open into a deep knowing I was still terrified to admit: I couldn’t do it anymore. And more importantly – I didn’t want to.

I’m passionate about helping organizations do better, building women leaders, and accelerating the momentum of individuals who want to lead lives of impact.

I’ve helped teams reform the dysfunction and disconnection that has kept them from achieving the big results they really want to see. I know how to diagnose what’s holding the group back and figure out why the divide between team members seems to be growing bigger, and I create executive team retreats, training, facilitations, and coaching to help heal it all.

I have crafted customized leadership development programs specifically for women leaders to ensure that organizations are supporting, retaining, and attracting the best talent and offering environments where these leaders can thrive and commit to building long-lasting careers that truly make a difference.

I’ve coached individuals and teams to make the transformations that are needed to propel them to their next level. I love digging deep to identify what’s preventing forward momentum and then supporting my clients as they make their courageous changes.

A bit about me...

'was precisely what I needed to recharge and find direction'

Nicole’s coaching program was precisely what I needed to recharge and find direction. Nicole will challenge you to re-frame your perspective and put in the work to get where you want to go.

Coaching client

'helped me identify a path that felt right for me'

Nicole came into my life at a time when I was looking for ‘more’. She was able to help me identify a path that felt right for me. My biggest benefit from the coaching experience is that I know I have a lifelong advisor that truly looks out for my best interests while promoting and supporting the immense opportunities that will become available to me. Nicole is a vital member of my army of advocates.

Kelsey Lamphier, Peoria, AZ

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