your team's communication problem is the tip of the iceberg.

I specialize in team transformation retreats and workshops and team dysfunction reform. Whether you’ve got a good team you’re looking to get to great or a team that could use a tune-up, I’ve got proven approaches and strategies to help get your team there. I’ve spent the last 20 years leading agencies working for change and community impact and consulting with teams across multiple countries who are looking to improve their leadership and team dynamic. I’ve worked with huge organizations like Google, major U.S. healthcare companies, and some of the largest cities in the United States, and I’ve done team workshops and leadership training for small but mighty nonprofits and public service organizations. I truly understand the challenges you’re facing, and I have a wide variety of tactics, tools, and trainings to help you achieve the progress you want to see and have the courageous conversations that need to occur.

why your team needs this...

You’re wasting time and energy instead of executing on goals

You’re so ready to be done spinning your wheels, revisiting work that should have been done correctly the first time, and dealing with team dysfunction that’s preventing you from getting the real work finished. It’s time to get some support.

You know your team can do better but don’t have the capacity to get them there

Believe me, I understand this! I’ve been where you are. Your plate is already overflowing and you can’t possibly fit one more hat on that head. You’ve got skills and experience that could help, but it’s time to bring in an partner to support your vision, help you fix the problems you can see, and get your group moving in the right direction, together.

You need a facilitator who won’t waste your time

You may have tried consultants, trainers or facilitators in the past, but they just didn’t “get it.” Your team didn’t resonate with them and, let’s be honest, neither did you. You’re ready for next-level support that actually engages your team members and makes a powerful impact. Quickly.

You need someone you can trust

Bringing in an outside person to work on your team’s dysfunction reform or leadership development is a critical step that requires absolute alignment in the partnership. I dive deep to make sure my work isn’t just aligned with your vision but that it truly delivers the results and outcomes you want to see. You’ll feel like you finally have the right-hand person you’ve been needing.

'Nicole took us farther faster than anyone we've worked with before.'

City manager

'This was outstanding! I wish we had even longer together.'

City council member

'you're the first consultant I've worked with who I felt truly listened to what we needed and delivered exactly that.'

city manager

let's get started!

Book an exploratory call. My work is always tailored to the specifics of your organization and situation.

If we agree that I’m the right partner to serve your organization, I’ll lead you through a diagnostic process to pinpoint/identify the problems you’re facing and the ones you don’t even know you have.

I’ll outline a customized engagement featuring a strategic approach that both addresses the issues you’re facing and takes your team where you need them to go. You’ll feel great about where we’re headed.

Ready to see how we can work together to best meet the needs of your organization?

Book your exploratory call now!

'She provided me valuable ideas on how I could move my career in the right direction'

I am so grateful for Nicole even though it was very difficult for me to make the call and ask for help. She provided me valuable ideas on how I could move my career in the right direction as well as a lot of positive personal support.

Executive coaching client

'With Nicole, I was able to make the decision'

Most recently, I was feeling lost after leaving the public sector. I was in a role that was technically a promotion and making more money, but I just couldn’t find a way to be happy professionally. I felt a little defeated; I had a job that was mostly fulfilling, but I again wanted more. This led me to a career path that never felt right and I found myself questioning the jump. With Nicole (and my family)’s support, I was able to make the decision that now was the time to make the leap towards a career I could be proud of and that I would be excited to go to every day.

Executive coaching client

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