Focused support to help you take hold of your life and career so you can leave a legacy of impact

Coaching is all about momentum. It’s about untangling the wires that have gotten crossed and leading your career (and your life!) with authenticity, integrity, and influence. The days of feeling like something “just isn’t clicking” are over. It’s time for support and dedicated focus to launch you forward so you can get unstuck, make progress, resolve problems, and finally be the phenomenal leader you want to be.

coaching is for you if...

You’re struggling to deal with workplace issues

You’re tired of banging your head against the desk. You’ve got issues aplenty to deal with and you’re overwhelmed with an insane workload and more demands than one person can possibly meet. You feel like you’re on the edge of failure and you want a sounding board and some solid coaching to get you back on top of your game.

You're ready for something more...

Yep, it’s time. You are ready for a change but struggling to figure out where the heck to start. You might know exactly what you want to do or you might be wanting to figure that out, but you do know that what you’re doing now isn’t it. You’re a little scared, a little excited, and a bit confused, but most of all- ready to get the ball rolling. You are ready for some clarity, encouragement, and support in making the changes you want to see happen.

You're not making the career progress you want

You’re stalled out and frustrated, wondering when it’s finally going to be your time. You’re starting to wonder what’s wrong with you, and you’re starting to fear you’re never going to get your shot.

Things at work just aren't working

Is it you? Is it them? Does it matter? Things at work aren’t where you want them to be. It’s time for focused coaching to unravel what’s behind the toxicity, frustration, lost momentum, wasted time, and drama to help you figure out a clear path forward so work feels better and functions better.

Imagine this

Feeling good about going to work every day, knowing you’re creating the kind of impact you want and feeling confident and capable.

'I highly recommend Nicole to anyone facing a big decision or feeling a lack of clear direction.'

I am regularly drawn back to work with Nicole during big transitions in my life – a 180 degree career shift, a cross country relocation. Transitions send my brain diving into a thought spiral trying to plan out the next ten theoretical transitions all at once and piling on self-imposed limitations or qualifications. In our coaching sessions, Nicole never tells me the “right answer,” no matter how badly I want her to; she uses different strategies to draw the answers out of me and somehow makes them sound much more logical when she summarizes them! Nicole’s ability to ask great questions, sift through all the baggage that comes out in a session to grab hold of the important fleeting statements or thoughts, and then help articulate and frame them always astounds me. I walk away from Nicole’s sessions with not only some peace and self-direction about the transition I was struggling with, but also a new tool or skill I can use in the future. I highly recommend Nicole to anyone facing a big decision or feeling a lack of clear direction.

Alison Matthees, MN

'Nicole helped me more than I can explain when I was trying to figure out my next move.'

Nicole supported me so much when I had been fired from my job…something that had never happened to me before, and coming off of being demoted from the job before, it put me in a dark place. Nicole helped me more than I can explain when I was trying to figure out my next move.

Executive coaching client

It's time to level up your leadership

Get focused support for some of those challenging situations you’re facing and build the type of work life you’ve been dreaming of.

let's get started!

Book an exploratory call, and we’ll connect so I can better understand your situation and where you’d rather be instead. Let the idea-mapping begin!

If we decide to work together, we’ll agree on a customized coaching plan and clarify outcomes. You’ll immediately feel more supported and on your way to greater clarity and more satisfaction in life and at work.

Get ready for meaningful results! Coaching is a fast track to feeling better about your work and obtaining your desired results. You won’t just feel better about what’s going on, you’ll have practical, implementable strategies and steps to take to make sure you’re building the career and life you want. 

Ready to level up your work life? Book an exploratory call with me now.


This varies depending on the individual client, size of the group in case of group coaching, specific situation, and goals for coaching. During our exploratory call we’ll determine the right approach for you, including a cadence for our meetings. I’ve had clients work with me every other week for 6 months, and I’ve had some that needed just a few sessions to get them past a rough spot. Meetings are usually 75-90 minutes long.

In most coaching situations, yes. A possible exception to this can occur in certain cases when your company is paying for the coaching. If your company will be paying for your sessions, we will determine ahead of time what, if anything, must be disclosed.

That’s what the exploratory call is for! This is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and see if we click. You can ask me anything you like that you think will help you decide. I always encourage potential clients to think through what’s important to them and what types of coaching goals they have. I’ll be open with you, and I’ll let you know if I don’t think I’m right for you. This is a partnership that has to work both ways!

As a general rule, no. Coaching is about helping you figure out your best path forward. It’s not advising or even consulting. In some cases, however, it is helpful to have more in-depth industry knowledge. Generally this will become apparent during the exploratory call when we discuss why you’re looking for coaching.

Yes! I love working with groups. In the exploratory call we’ll go over the needs, size, and membership of the group to ensure it’s a good fit for group coaching. I’ve seen awesome results from repeated interactions with groups over time!

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'She provided me valuable ideas on how I could move my career in the right direction'

I am so grateful for Nicole even though it was very difficult for me to make the call and ask for help. She provided me valuable ideas on how I could move my career in the right direction as well as a lot of positive personal support.

Executive coaching client

'With Nicole, I was able to make the decision'

Most recently, I was feeling lost after leaving the public sector. I was in a role that was technically a promotion and making more money, but I just couldn’t find a way to be happy professionally. I felt a little defeated; I had a job that was mostly fulfilling, but I again wanted more. This led me to a career path that never felt right and I found myself questioning the jump. With Nicole (and my family)’s support, I was able to make the decision that now was the time to make the leap towards a career I could be proud of and that I would be excited to go to every day.

Executive coaching client

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