Decode your nighttime messages for powerful insight!

Dreams can be a powerful tool for gaining insights and unlocking messages you may not otherwise be able to access. I am trained in a specific methodology designed to help you figure out exactly what those crazy dreams of yours are trying to tell you. (Even the nightmares!)

If this sounds like you...

You’re having some interesting dreams and not sure what they’re trying to tell you

Nighttime seems to be the right time for your brain to be overactive. You’re dreaming more than usual, or you’ve had one that specifically stands out. You know there’s something more to be gained from it, but you’re not sure exactly what. You are curious to learn more, but you can’t quite figure it out.

A recent dream snagged your attention in a big way

That dream the other night… wow. But what the heck is it trying to say? Whether it’s a vivid dream, something kind of scary, or just a weird one that left an impression, you’re ready to dig a little deeper because you feel like there’s a message in there for you somewhere.

You’ve got a recurring dream you’re ready to decode

Yeah, you had THAT dream last night. AGAIN. You’re frustrated because it keeps popping up, but you’re not clear on the message. It’s disrupting your sleep and taking up brain space trying to figure it out. You’re ready to gain the insight and move on, already!

Imagine this...

Being able to access the deeper insights and messages brought to you by your dreams.

'Nicole’s guidance helped me unlock something way deeper'

Holy crap! I had no idea there was that much information there {in my dream}. Nicole’s guidance helped me unlock something way deeper than I would have gotten to on my own.

Dream Analysis client

'So glad I dug a little deeper with her to get some clarity on some of these messages'

I didn’t think there could be that much meaning in my crazy dreams, but working with Nicole proved otherwise. So glad I dug a little deeper with her to get some clarity on some of these messages.

Dream Analysis client

Whether you’re dreaming of fire-breathing dragons, sailing calm ocean seas, or having dinner with Princess Diana, dreams can be downright confusing!

They’re also chock-full of information, and I’m here to help you decode exactly what yours are trying to tell you.

The plan!

Book an exploratory call now so we can meet each other and start teaming up to decode those dreams of yours.

Once we both agree that dream analysis is the right tool at the right time for you, we’ll set up a session to examine a dream (or a few!) you’ve had and access some of the wisdom it holds. Utilizing a specific framework for analyzing dreams, I’ll lead you through an analysis experience that will help you gain the insights you may not even know you’re looking for. Dreams can be crazy, silly, scary, downright confusing, and everything in between, but they all hold inner wisdom for us. Dream analysis is a powerful tool for accessing that inner wisdom and helping you live your best life possible.

Get ready to be wowed by what you discover! You’ll get more out of your nighttime messages than you ever thought possible, and you’ll be floored by how much insight you’ve been missing out on. Equipped with new intuitive knowledge, you’ll feel more informed to make decisions, more aligned with your most authentic self, and more confident to move forward courageously.

Ready to hear what your inner wisdom has been trying to tell you? Book an exploratory call with me now!


Nope! During the session I’ll have you recount the dream as vividly as you can remember. It’s always a good idea to keep a dream journal or write it out in advance so you capture as many details as you can, but the retelling is an important part of the process.

Yep! I’ve tried it out on some of my own, and it’s really insightful!

Absolutely- as long as you can recall the dream with clarity, we can still do the analysis!

Book your exploratory call now!

'I have learned to trust the process and trust myself'

This was crazy! I had no idea there was that much information available in my dreams. I wish I would have found this a long time ago!

Dream Analysis client

'Nicole has a talent in coaching people so they can find a path to accomplish what is important to them'

Nicole has a way of bringing out the best in people and connecting others. It is great to find someone that is interested in building others up. Nicole has a talent in coaching people so they can find a path to accomplish what is important to them.

Life coaching client

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