Powerful messages and practical strategies to transform stuck or limited thinking, unravel problems, and accelerate momentum

My keynotes and workshops are designed to truly engage audiences so attendees can eliminate limiting beliefs about their own lives and capabilities and begin to live more authentically and courageously. No more boring speeches, impractical concepts that can’t be applied, or rambling sessions with no tangible outcomes. You’ll finally feel like you’ve found someone who can deliver the message you want and content you need to make a difference.

If this resonates...

You’re tired of lame speakers and uninspired content

You keep trying to find great speakers, but it seems like even the ridiculously highly-paid ones are sort of “meh”. You’re annoyed and starting to feel a little hopeless about finding a speaker everyone will rave about.

You’re frustrated trying to find someone to engage your team

Wasted time, wasted energy, wasted money- you’re over it. You’ve got a team that deserves better than what they’ve been getting, and you’re worried about finding someone who can actually connect with them. You’re afraid that a bad facilitator will just make things worse, and you want to really wow your group.

You want to offer an engaging experience that actually offers meaningful and useful content

Bad evals are no fun, and you’re determined to bring something high-value for your audience. You’re frustrated by impractical, concept-heavy presentations that don’t provide ways to implement any of the lessons learned. You want to really impact your group, and you want a speaker who can be both engaging AND deliver a message and tactics that will help your audience.

Imagine this...

Bringing in someone who builds immediate trust with your group, grabs their interest for the entirety of the engagement, and delivers a message that is both meaningful and actionable.

'Nicole’s training made an IMMEDIATE impact'

Nicole’s training made an IMMEDIATE impact. I realized that I had carried some bias into a meeting with a co-worker that I often have conflict with. I went into the meeting with a mindset of presumed benevolence which lowered my stress level and made it easier to find empathy and work toward a positive outcome. Thank you!

workshop attendee

'I'm at the end of my career and 'been there done that' with so many of these types of sessions and I have to say this one was excellent! Thank you so much!'

Association of Junior Leagues International Webinar attendee

'I enjoyed her humor and her ability to bring everyone into focus.'

workshop attendee

Looking for a speaker who actually lives up to their hype?

I’m known for dynamic keynotes and workshops that actually keep your audience or team’s attention and deliver meaningful and implementable content. No boring slide decks here!

Looking for a speaker who actually lives up to their hype?

Whether you’ve got a good team you’re looking to get to great or a team that could use a tune-up, my Team Dynamics Trainings will help you get the group where you want them to go. With a focus on interpersonal dynamics and self-awareness, these trainings ensure your team has both the foundation and the tools they need to succeed.

The plan!

Book an exploratory call now so we can get started customizing an amazing, fun, and high-value experience for your team or attendees! We’ll hit the ground running to make sure your workshop or keynote experience drives meaningful results and garners rave reviews.

Leaning on my decades of speaking and facilitation experience and your vision of what you’re hoping to accomplish, we’ll identify desired outcomes, bust through any challenges, and create a path forward that leaves you feeling supported and confident. Once we crystallize a vision, I’ll take it from there and you can trust that I’ll execute on exactly what you want.

Get ready for those rave reviews to roll in. You’ll relax and allow your energies get back to the rest of your work, knowing that you have a capable, competent, and experienced speaker/facilitator ready to support you in getting exactly the outcome you’re envisioning. Attendees and participants will know their time was well-spent, and they’ll be excited to put into action the concepts, conversations, and strategies they discover during the engagement.

Ready to wow your audience? Book an exploratory call with me now!


While I have a few frequent topics that tend to pop up, all engagements are 100% customized to you. No canned content here. During our exploratory call, I’m happy to brainstorm with you to get your topic and content just right for what you’re hoping to achieve.

Sure! Just know that the list doesn’t stop here.
– Courageous Transformation/Making Changes
– Fear
– Impostor Syndrome
– Burnout/Overwhelm
– Stress management
– Finding Clarity
– Courageous Conversations/Communication
– Self-Confidence
– How to stop “shoulding” yourself
– The strategic advantage of putting people first
– Tapping into inner wisdom
– Building relationships for success

Every engagement is customized to fit your budget if we decide to work together. We’ll chat about this during our exploratory call to make sure we’re a right fit for each other!

Oh yeah! I’ve spent a LOT of time doing virtual keynotes, facilitations, workshops, and even full-on strategic plans virtually over the last few years. I’m comfortable on all of the platforms and have modified presentations and methods of engagement to ensure highly interactive engagements.

There’s no pie in this sky! I don’t just teach a concept or idea and leave everyone hanging. I make sure attendees know exactly how to implement that concept or idea, emphasizing practical and actually workable strategies. I also focus on audience engagement through activities, interaction with fellow attendees, worksheets, and even physical movement. And if that’s not enough, I believe in having FUN, and I bring my big ol’ personality and sense of humor to every engagement, regardless of subject matter.

In my previous life organizing team trainings, facilitations, and conferences, I used to wonder the same thing. The truth is, you’re not just paying for that 90-minute presentation or 4-hour block of time. You’re paying for the experience and knowledge that has come from every other keynote, facilitation, and training that I’ve done as well as the 20+ years of experience I have. All of this comes together to ensure you have exactly the amazing experience you deserve.

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'Nicole is great at setting the mood and presenting her information in a way that makes people really want to listen. I would recommend her to everyone!'

'This was an unexpected surprise for a training! Much needed information, and a great way to end the conference.'

workshop attendees

'I loved her ‘real’ personality and sharing of personal insight. It connected me to her as she shared something I would not normally share with my own group.'

'I was amazed at the level of ease Nicole demonstrated while packing in so much content within a short period of time.'

workshop attendees

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