Ditch the doubt and drive your own success.

If you’re tired of letting everyone else call the shots for you, if you’re worn out from trying to achieve someone else’s version of success, and if you’re straight up done letting all those “shoulds” shape your decisions, then it’s time to become awesome on your own terms.

Because let’s face it: you overgive and you feel undersatisfied. 

Awesome on Your Own Terms delivers tactical approaches to build a career you adore and cultivate a life full of joy.

Chart your own path to professional and personal success so you can:

It’s your moment to finally press pause on trying to live up to someone else’s definition of success and hit play on blazing your own trail to a life and career you love!

Author bio

Hey, I’m Nicole!

Nicole Lance is a leadership consultant, certified coach, proud mom and stepmom, and ignorer of laundry piles.

When she’s not cussing over the Lego bricks her daughter left buried in the carpet, you can find her journaling and writing in her big yellow chair, working with coaching clients, facilitating with teams, and speaking at conferences. Nicole is the author of Awesome on Your Own Terms.

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