4 Tips for Making Your Mark

If you’re looking to make your mark or leave a legacy, try these 4 tips to help you do exactly that. 

  1. Lead with authenticity. Clients, toddlers, puppies, and anyone you’re trying to lead will know immediately if you’re not being authentic. It will drain your energy and delay your progress. Own your singular traits, experiences, and approaches that make you uniquely YOU. This will keep you rooted in your values that guide you, and that’s an excellent place to lead from. 
  1. Change yourself first. Your thoughts, your words, and your actions need to be aligned with the change you want to see. If you live it, you’ll be able to give it. Start there, and keep working to expand that circle of change. 
  1. Stay fueled. This is a “says easy, does hard” kind of thing. You are far more capable when you are running on a full tank. The problem is, it’s often counter-cultural to get yourself fully fueled, let alone stay that way! Intentional action to manage your energy and resources will pay great dividends as you continue to work for lasting impact. 
  1. Give yourself permission. We are often our own biggest barriers when it comes to making our mark. If you or the unhelpful thoughts and negative limiting beliefs swirling around in your head are preventing you from decisive action, it’s time to write yourself a permission slip to move past all that and get down to business. You can do it! 

Working to leave a legacy or make a mark is meaningful work that’s worth your best efforts. We need you out there!

- Nicole



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