Outdoor Disco Balls

It was early morning, small drips of rain still falling from the trees around us. Four of us gathered around an outdoor propane fire pit, sipping fresh coffee, intentionally disregarding each other’s morning bedhead magnificence. If I had to pinpoint a perfect summer moment, this would be one of them for sure. 

We were together, and we just were.

Chatter and laughter rippled through our small group, but moments of silence were pervasive as well. It was time with heart-friends in the best way possible: no pressure, no expectations, just experiencing life, being together, and appreciating each other right where we were at. Past the head of one of my friends hung a glittery silver disco ball, strategically placed to catch the patio lights at night. When we’d first arrived at their house, it was one of the first things I noticed. An outdoor disco ball?! Heck yes! 

One of the many, many things I appreciate about this particular set of friends is how authentically they show up in the world and how intentionally they are creating spaces – and lives – that reflect that. Case in point: the outdoor disco ball. I loved hundreds of experiences on this particular trip, and for some reason that disco ball is burned in my brain. How many places in my own life, not just in my own home, but my LIFE – could benefit from more disco ball energy? Where are my own reminders to add a little sparkle in? What have I intentionally built into my day, my spaces, my life to remind myself to bring that party energy in when I need it? Similarly, how many times is there a proverbial disco ball hanging right in front of me and I choose to ignore it because I’m too focused on that ever-growing to-do list or all the improvements that still need to be made? 

For my little family, that trip was a slowing-down point. It was a time of closure to a too-busy summer of traveling, and it was a time to gift ourselves not with just a quick toe-dip into the pool of friendship but a deep-water plunging soak to rehydrate our souls and rekindle connections with people we love deeply. I expected – and received in good measure! – the fun, the adventure, the trying of new things, and the laughing until I cried and then the laughing until I almost peed my pants (thanks, having a baby and being into my 40s now).

I didn’t expect the outdoor disco ball. 

But it was one more life experience to remind me that I can be in charge of my own sparkle when needed, to allow in more fun than maybe I usually make room for, and that when I need it most and can’t figure it out for myself, I can call on loved ones who truly get me, and they can hold space for me to just be me. Outdoor disco balls included. 

- Nicole



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