The Best Day Since Yesterday

best day since yesterday

Last Fall, my daughter and I went to see my niece in her school play. It was a ridiculously cute musical called “The Claw (A New Children’s Musical)” and it’s about a bunch of toys who have been stuck in a claw machine game that’s been out of order for a long time but has recently been reactivated. The two main characters, Dot and Aiden are best friends, but while Dot has zero interest in leaving the game, Aiden is excited to get out and explore the world. 

One of the main songs that has gotten stuck in my head and been on internal repeat in addition to being played in the car on the way to and from school by my daughter’s relentless requests has a refrain that goes, “It’s the best day since yesterday…because I get to spend it with you.” 

Not gonna lie, that earworm of a hook chokes me up almost every time I hear it. For some reason, it resets me into what’s most important – it’s the best day not necessarily because of how much of the to-do list I got to or meetings I attended, but it’s about WHO I have connected with.  It grounds me back into how much I want to focus on presence and being truly present, especially with my kiddo who is growing up absurdly fast. It’s also a good reminder to look around at who I’m actually spending my time with and how I’m choosing to spend it. 

It’s also a good little reconnection to where my attention is focused. Am I looking at all the ways today is a WORSE day since yesterday and allowing the disruptions and disappointments to hold my attention? Or am I also making room for the ways – even if they are microscopic – today really is the best day since yesterday? 

I don’t want to sugarcoat this because the truth is some days suck. They’re downright awful. Painful. Tragic. Challenging. Draining. And also- most of the days if I look hard enough, there’s something small that also catches my attention that isn’t quite as tough. Sometimes it comes in a “just-turned-5-years-old-and-wants-to-be-in-charge” package who simultaneously makes my head and my heart want to explode (for different reasons!). Sometimes it’s my favorite song randomly playing over the store speakers. Sometimes it’s the best day since yesterday simply because it’s a new one, a new chance, a different opportunity. 

However your day is going when you read this, I hope the Universe brings you at least one small reason why it might just be the best day since yesterday. 

- Nicole



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